Read What People Are Saying About Cryotherapy

I am 51 and decided to get off the couch and run a ½ of a ½ marathon race (6.5 miles). In the past, my ankles, knees and hips would be extremely sore after running. During the 8 weeks of training, I used the cryotherapy 3-4 days a week. Not only did I not experience any joint soreness, my recovery period after long runs was lessened in time, pain and stiffness. Another side benefit is better sleep and contributed to a 7 lb weight loss. The cryotherapy is a significant reason for continuing to train for my next race, a 15k (9.3 miles). I am extremely satisfied and believe in the therapy! – Phillip, Tyler, Tx

"My muscle and joint stiffness after vigorous exercise and playing golf has been dramatically reduced with cryotherapy. A welcomed additional benefit has been a more restful sleep and more energy through the day".   -David Teegarden MD  E3 Leadership Group


"I am a 37 year old husband and father of two.  I work in an office by day as an IT professional, and volunteer as a firefighter and deputy fire marshal by night.  Two years ago I injured my back and have had periods of debilitating pain off and on as I would re-agitate the injury.  Two weeks ago I had a bad week which culminated with me spending 45 minutes laying in the yard due to the spasms in my back after a day of yard work.  I had enough and decided to try cryotherapy on a friend’s recommendation.  After my first session I felt incredible so I signed up to try a month.  I have now been using cryotherapy for two weeks and I have not had one spasm in my back since.  In addition, I am sleeping better than I ever have, have reduced pain in my joints, and have lost 5 pounds.  I have even starting running again.  I am a true believer in this technology and am so thankful to have it here in Tyler.  The staff is super-friendly, knowledgeable, and is always ready to help.  Go by and check them out!  - Jay Brooks Tyler, Texas


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